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Made in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2021 and distributed worldwide on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Spotify, Samsung Podcasts, Tunein, and World Podcast Network.

This is a podcast for you if you want to explore the universe of taboo visions — often concealed truths in nonfiction and in taboo tales of fiction.

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podcast creator and hostLocal Las Vegas renegade artist and storyteller Madeira Desouza (some of you may know him as Woody) hosts this guided tour of unforgettable topics that may or may not happen in Las Vegas.

Total listener downloads since the series debut in 2021: 127,900+ as of November 2023. This measures each time a listener plays or saves an episode.

In this taboo podcast series from Las Vegas you hear uncut and unrestrained narrated fiction stories, nonfiction deep dives into sizzling topics, and freewheeling guest interviews:

Visit the website of the podcast called Taboo Truths and Tales Las Vegas (the official name of this podcast series).

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Top 20 Podcast Episodes:

Fiction episodes of this podcast series earn the highest audience responses. One standard for measuring popularity of podcast episodes in the U.S. is episodes that get 975 total downloads or more. This measures each time a listener plays or saves an episode. Such episodes are considered to be in the top 5% most popular podcast episodes.

Several fiction episodes in this podcast series have exceeded six times the 975 downloads benchmark to reach more than 5,850 downloads. Here are those fiction episodes with links listed in popularity measured by total downloads:

Podcast Episode Rank and Title / Link
— Keywords — Launch Date — Total Downloads

#1 — Thief of Eggs
–balls, castration, men in peril, testicles–4/30/2022–6,335

#2 — Night of the Handgun
–gun control, gun rights, gun violence, handgun violence–6/21/2022–6,127

#3 — Dancing Dangling Down
–male death fetish, suspension hanging–5/26/2022–6,080

#4 — Bound to Hurt
–male bondage, male death fetish, male torture, men in peril–7/16/2022–6,077.

#5 — Sin City Robosex
–men in peril, robosex, sex with machines, sex with robots–10/5/2022–5,895.

The Death Game
–male death fetish, men in peril–6/12/2022–5,757

#6 — Turn Me On, Dead Man
–comedy, male death fetish–6/1/2022–5,735

#7 — Country Guy Perils
–country life, men in peril–6/6/2022–5,538

#8 — Pumpkin Emperor
–allegory, male death fetish, pumpkin–10/30/2022–5,366

#9 — Forewarning
–ballbusting, domestic terrorism, handguns, science fiction, time travel–12/1/2022–5,287

#10 — Desperately Seeking Mislaid Eggs
–balls, castration–11/12/2022–5,231

#11 — Sin City Male Feast
–cannibalism, male death fetish, men in peril, science fiction–12/13/2022–5,121

#12 — Skulls and Balls
–balls, male torture, men in peril, skulls–8/3/2022–5,097

#13 — The Dead Man Returns
–male death fetish, men in peril, science fiction, time travel–11/24/2022–5,086

#14 — Cowboys and Nooses
–cowboys, hanged by the neck until dead, male death fetish, men in peril, nooses, public hangings of men–12/6/2022–5,056

#15 — Moonlight
–life after death, resurrection from the dead–1/2/2023–4,892

#16 — Hawaiian Guy Gets Back
–male death fetish, male rape, male torture, men in peril–3/30/2023–4,139

#17 — Dax
–horror, narrated story–5/7/2023–3,747

#18 — Secrets of Male Private Dancers in Las Vegas
–private dancer, sex worker–6/2/2023–3,679

#19 — Big Black Cowboy from Calgary
–Black man, men in peril–4/14/2023–3,647

#20 — And They Worshipped the Beast
–Book of Revelation, men in peril, the beast–5/1/2023–3,544

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